Sunday, August 5, 2012

Weekend Homebodies

We were lazy & productive all at the same time this weekend! The most excitement we had outside watching the Olympics, was taking the 30 minute drive over to the west side of El Paso to Target, Best Buy, and Pier 1 to get things for the house and Carson, of course. We got him a red crab baby pool for the backyard (which is ironic because our backyard is all sand, hehe).  He LOVED playing and splashing in it until he noticed the mud puddles on the side of the pool from the water.  Typical boy.  We are still in the process of turning this house into a home.  Carson's room is the only room in the whole house that is finished.  I am taking my precious time deciding where to hang and put things everywhere else, mainly because I'm the most indecisive person in the world.  I finally made some decisions today, so my sweet hubby got his handy man power tools out to put some things on the blank walls.  The little changes we made have already made a huge difference! The guest room is starting to be one of my favorite rooms in the house.  To spice it up, I got a white Martha Stewart quilt with shams, sea foam sheets and pillowcases, and a mustard & white patterned  lampshade on a white mirrored side table (both from Target). I just love the white with huge pops of color. Now, I'm just in the market for bright patterned throw pillows to complete the look. It's nothing special yet, just a fresh and happy room to gaze into when walking down the hall. I hope y'all had just as grand of a weekend as we did, whatever the activities!

Carson and daddy paying the bills 

Cinnamon taking a puppy snooze on Saturday 

"I know y'all watch me Mama & Dada" 

Splish Splash!!!! 

Playing in his crab pool!

.....but the dirt is wayyyy cooler

 Play time with Cinny is always a hit!

Enjoying one of his favorite toys minutes before bedtime on Sunday.

The guest bedroom thus far

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