Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Pure Barre...16th Street vol. 1

I have been slacking in the workout department, but it's almost beach time sooo that should be enough motivation for the next couple of weeks! Earlier, I put Carson down for a nap, and had every intention of doing the 16th Street volume 1 Pure Barre DVD, but I got through the warm-up and he started screaming.  So, I had to stop. BUT I'm sort of glad because it gave me time to think about what is different even in the warm up from the dvd vs. the class warm up.  The 16th Street package comes with a double tube band to help with the resistance for certain moves.  I found my band is quite larger than the ones we used in class & even seen on the video.  So, I used the PB ball for the ab warm up, and a set of 3 lb weights for the arm warm up.  That is what we did in class, and what I am used to.  It seems more challenging to me as well.  The band was great for the legs and seat portions though! I really felt my legs burning out, especially during the seat work on the floor when you are on all 4's working that crease where your seat meets your thigh! (My problem area, for sure) One of my favorite portions of class that I am not seeing in the videos are the "last tucks of the day" where you simply lay on your back and lift your seat in the air and "tuck." So I started pausing the video right after the back extension work, adding that part in myself, and then doing the final stretch.  Overall, 16th Street #1 is my favorite video out of the 3 I have done thus far! I love how this one has more arm work, and the extra resistance with the bands really makes you work!  Don't get me wrong about making those small changes.  Those ladies know what they are doing.  It's strictly personal preference :)  I'm definitely not as flexible and have to focus on my technique, but hopefully I will get better and better each time I do a video!

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