Friday, February 24, 2012

Momma or Daddy?

(1 week old Carson next to Drew's newborn picture)
(Carson at 3 months next to my 3 month picture)

I guess the running question is who Carson looks like, myself or Drew....For the longest time, he was a spitting image of his daddy, but as he's growing he's beginning to resemble his momma a little bit too! I'm so happy I just didn't carry him for 9 months, he actually looks like he has some of my DNA now. Ha.  He looks like me a lot from the front but his profile is still ALLLLL his daddy :o) Another thing Drew gave him are his dimples.. Drew has 1, and he gave Carson 2! They melt my heart every time he smiles :o) I have brown eyes, Drew has hazel, but Carson's are bright blue.  I know it takes a while for them to change but they are as blue as they come! I'm so excited to see who he looks more like as he grows and changes.  Right now, he's a complete mixture of the both of us.  He looks just like me one second and Drew the next!

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